Who do I call if my child is ill?
Call the Grant School office at 619-860-5500 OR complete our online absence reporting form to report your child absent. All absences must be cleared by a parent or guardian within 72 hours. If you call outside of school office hours, please clearly state your child's name, your relationship to the child and the reason for the absence. We always appreciate you scheduling doctor and dentist visits outside of school hours and on our minimum days.

What if my child is sick a lot?
If a student misses any five school days in a four-week period due to illness, a written verification of illness must be provided by a doctor or dentist. Please make sure to provide this to the school attendance clerk. In addition, if your child has an underlying health condition, the school nurse needs to be notified and your child's health card should reflect those special medical needs. Our school nurse is available most days in the main office. Please stop by.

What kinds of absences can be excused?
A student can be excused from school for justifiable personal reasons such as court appearances, attendance at special religious ceremonies, attendance at religious retreats [not to exceed 4 hours per semester], school-initiated absences, or family emergencies. Absences of this nature should be requested in writing by the parent and approved by the principal or designee.

What if my child needs to be out of school for a week or more?
If you have plans to have your child out of school for 5 school days, you can notify the school in writing, in advance and obtain a contract. Students and parents sign the contract, and obtain work in advance from their child's teacher/s. As long as all work is completed and turned in within 5 days after student's return, the 5-day absence is excused.

What is a truancy?
Any absence not approved by parent is considered a truancy. Please make sure to call the office when your child will not be in school. If you don't clear your child's absence within 72 hours, it automatically converts to a truancy.

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