How Do I Find Out My Child's Grades?

Progress Reports
Progress reports are issued at the six-week and twelve-week marks of each semester. The Friday after the close of the grading period, progress reports are distributed through period 5 classes. Students are expected to hand carry the progress reports home. Please check the Grant School online calendar to verify when progress reports will be distributed and make sure to ask your child to see their progress report.

Progress reports are a report of your child's progress in each class at that point in the school year. These are not a permanent part of their record and are intended to give a snapshot of where your child stands at that point in the year in any given class. If your child is doing poorly in a particular class, the progress report is the teacher's way of notifying you that there are concerns. You should not expect a phone call home prior to a poor grade on a progress report.

Report Cards
Report cards are the record of your child's final, semester grades. These are permanent part of their record and follow your child to high school. The district mails home report cards in February and June -- at the end of each semester. As the final grade for your child in each of his/her classes, you should expect to be contacted by their teacher prior to the end of the semester if your child is struggling in a particular course.

PowerSchool Parent
San Diego Unified School District offers an on-line tool that allows parents to check their child's grades at any time from anywhere. We encourage all parents to register on the district's PowerSchool Parent site and take advantage this resource. Contact the Grant TK-8 School office for questions about accessing PowerSchool.

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