Electronic Devices

Grant K-8 campus supports a cell-phone free environment. As parents enter the campus, we ask that all turn off cell phones and be fully present during their time on campus.

While cell phones are allowed on campus, all electronic devices, including things like phones and tablets, as well as headphones/ear buds, are carefully monitored on campus.

  • Upon entrance to the campus, students are required to "power off" their phones, and store them. Phones may not be out until the student leaves the campus for the school day.
  • Students are NOT permitted to use electronic devices on campus except under the direct supervision of a teacher.
  • Any electronic device that is visible, audible or otherwise in use on campus (including before and after school, as well as during after care programs) will be confiscated.
  • Laser pointers are not allowed on campus in the possession of students.
  • Students may not carry cell phones in their pockets.

If a cell phone is visible, it may be confiscated at the discretion of a staff member. If a cell phone is confiscated, it is the student's responsibility to notify their parent/s. To inform a parent, students may either wait until they get home or ask to use a school phone after school. THE SCHOOL DOES NOT CALL HOME ON CELL PHONE VIOLATIONS. In addition, parent/guardian must make arrangements with the administration in order to pick up a cell phone (or any other confiscated device.)

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